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Online Banking
Bill Pay
New Mobile Banking is Here!
ATM Banking
ACH & Wire Transfers
Reloadable Prepaid Visa Cards

Online Banking

What's fast, free, and fun? DFCU's online banking and bill pay!

With online banking, you can manage your account anytime, anywhere. Log on and instantly see your current balance, which checks have cleared, when your Direct Deposit posted, and the latest dividends added to your savings. Transfer funds from checking to savings and back, make a loan payment, view the past several month's history, or get an instant loan payoff amount.

Ready to get started? The first time you use online banking, contact Member Services at (904) 360-8300 or (800) 563-6445. Any branch employee can also enable your account for online banking.

Important Information About Online Banking

There are no fees for transfers but federal regulations prohibit the maximum number of automated transfers from savings accounts to checking accounts to six per month. Transfers from checking to savings, loans, or other accounts are unlimited.

Remember that transactions affect balances at different times. A Visa check card purchase might not clear immediately, but a hold on funds in that amount might. Any unposted debit card transactions will not be reflected in that balance.

Transfers Between DFCU and Another Financial Institution

You can make transfers between DFCU and another financial institutions. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you.

Bill Pay

Using DFCU's free bill pay service is easy. From within the secure online banking area, just click on the "Bill Pay" icon and select the account you want to pay from, and click through the easy instructions.

You can pay anyone with DFCU's bill pay, and that means anyone. If a payee doesn't accept electronic payment, DFCU will mail them a check. If the payee does not use account numbers (your lawn service, for example), enter any reference note in the required "Account Number" field.

Electronic payments are typically withdrawn two to three days after you schedule them to be paid. Check payments clear as normal checks do, when they are presented to us for payment.


You can use Popmoney from within Bill Pay. Popmoney is a transfer from your checking account to someone else's, and it replaces paper checks or cash. It's faster than waiting for a check to clear, and it's as easy as sending an email or a text. There's no need to know a routing number -- you can simply enter the person's email address or phone number.

A small charge, only $1, applies when you send Popmoney and there is no charge to receive it. Log in to online banking and then go to "Bill Pay." Click on Popmoney from the menu at the top, and the rest is easy!

Mobile Banking

Welcome to DFCU's newest branch: the one in the palm of your hand!

Access mobile banking from any smart phone or tablet. New apps or browser-based access let you connect to your accounts anywhere, anytime.

DFCU's mobile banking is a free service which allows you to access your accounts securely and conveniently on your mobile device.*

App Features:

  • Account Balances
  • Transfer Funds
  • Pay Bills
  • Enhanced Security
  • No-Fee ATM Search
  • Compatible with iOS 4.3 and later (Apple® only)

Whatever way you need it:

APP – any mobile device that’s app compatible*

BROWSER-BASED – any mobile device with internet access*

Download the Apple® App

Download the Android App

Get started right now!

Enroll your mobile device through online banking by clicking on the dashboard tab labeled, "Mobile." There, you'll register your phone and choose which services you want to use.

Need more help? Here's a list of mobile banking's most frequently asked questions.

*Must be an active online banking user to enroll in mobile banking. DFCU's mobile banking app and browser-based wireless application protocol (WAP) features are free services for members. Contact your mobile service provider concerning charges or fees relating to data usage according to your mobile plan.

ATM Banking

With DFCU's ATM network, you might never visit a branch again. Just look for the Star, CU24 Here or Plus logos. You can also withdraw cash with no surcharge at any Publix Presto machine. Download the free ATM locator app now at GooglePlay or on iTunes.

With your DFCU ATM card, you can make withdrawals, transfers, and balance inquiries. With a DFCU Visa debit card, you can also make deposits. Deposits can be made at ATMs displaying the CU24 logo.

Important Information About ATM Banking

Amounts over $100 are held for two business days if made at a DFCU ATM, and for five business days at other machines. If you have a need to adjust the amount held, just talk to a member service representative and we'll see how we can help.


iTalk gives you 24/7 access, through your phone, using your voice or touchtone keypad. iTalk lets you check your balance, transfer between accounts, hear which checks have cleared, make loan payments, and more. If you're not already using iTalk or online banking, just call Member Services at (904) 360-8300 to have your account enabled. It just takes a moment, and then you can use iTalk whenever you want!

iTalk is toll-free at: (855) 904-DFCU -- (855) 904-3328

Download the iTalk Guide

ACH & Wire Transfers

Direct Deposit and automatic loan payments are two of the most common examples of ACH, or Automated Clearing House transactions. ACH transactions are among the safest and most reliable form of accessing your account - as safe or safer than writing and depositing checks, particularly if those checks are to be mailed.

Important Information About ACH Transactions

Most companies you want to authorize to either deposit or withdraw from your account will have a form for you to complete first, either in person or online. Here is the information you will need:

Name of Financial Institution: Duval Federal Credit Union

Routing/Transit/ABA Number: 263078950

Address of Financial Institution: 500 McDuff Avenue South, Jacksonville FL 32254

Account Number: For checking accounts, use the 13-digit number that appears on the bottom of your checks. For savings accounts, use your base account number (for example, the one used for online banking) and select the "savings" option on the form.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds from one financial institution to another, which DFCU offers for your convenience.

Important Information About Wire Transfers

Please refer to the fee schedule for applicable charges.

Wires should be directed as follows:

Routing and transit number: 263078950

Account number: 263078950 (Same as routing number)

Further credit to: (Member Name), (Member Account Number)

Complete and fax this wire transfer form to DFCU at (904) 360-8292.

There's an even easier way to transfer money between financial institutions: within online banking. Just log in and click, "Interbank Transfers" in the blue menu bar at the top of the home page. From there, you'll find simple step-by-step instructions, and once you designate your accounts, you can transfer as needed using stored information.

Reloadable Prepaid Visa Cards

Members asked for a Visa branded cash card that could be “reloaded” after the initial amount was spent, and DFCU is delivering it.

With the look and feel of a credit/debit card, the Visa reloadable prepaid card can even be personalized with your name (at additional charge).

Use it to make purchases and pay bills anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted -- including retail stores, online merchants, and by phone.

They’re also ideal for:

  • Parents of teens and college students – Load money onto the card from your checking account or credit/debit card for all your teen’s needs…lunch money, books, movies, clothes, emergencies. You can even set up weekly or monthly payments for automatic allowances.
  • Travel and vacation budgeting – Leave your credit and check cards safely at home while you stay on budget.

Ask for all the details on DFCU’s new Visa reloadable prepaid cards on your next visit!